Blackboard: Groups


Blackboard Groups facilitates collaborative learning environments by allowing instructors to create dedicated spaces for students to work together. As a student engaging in group activities, this guide aims to enhance your understanding and utilization of various group tools, optimizing your collaborative learning experience.

Understanding Blackboard Groups

What are Blackboard Groups

Blackboard Groups function as miniature classrooms within your larger course, providing designated areas where subsets of students collaborate on assignments, discussions, and projects. They essentially divide your class into teams, each with its own workspace tailored to the group's specific needs and objectives.

Why Use Groups

Utilizing Blackboard Groups offers several key benefits:

Accessing Blackboard Groups:

Maximizing Group Collaboration:


By harnessing the power of Blackboard Groups, you can enhance your collaborative learning experience, foster meaningful connections with peers, and achieve academic success. If you encounter any challenges or require assistance, the IDEA Team is available to support you through various channels. Remember, collaboration is key, and together, we can achieve great things.