Step 6: Netiquette


On this page, you will learn how to communicate with other students and Professors using an appropriate online language called Netiquette.

Key Points on this Page

General Guidelines

Please remember to follow these rules when using any type of communication:


Here are a number of Netiquette resources that go deeper into the topic. Which is your favorite? 

The video below nicely summarizes the netiquette information as well. (Disregard the tools used in the video, as it is not done in Blackboard. 

Just pay attention to the message about netiquette do's and don'ts.)

Page Summary

Always start with a friendly greeting like "Good morning" or "Hello" and wrap it up with "Sincerely" or "Best regards." Write in full sentences, avoid shortcuts like LMAO or LOL, and keep it academic. Mind your tone, no yelling in all caps! When giving feedback, be constructive, specific, and considerate. If things get emotional, take a breather or pick up the phone. Remember, not everyone's online 24/7, so plan ahead. For grad-level discussions, keep it scholarly with citations and evidence. Respect normal business hours and be ethical in all your interactions. 

Exercise 6

After answering the questions, please go to Step 7