Course Evaluation Reports for Course Coordinators


If you are a course coordinator, it is important to see all of the Course Evaluation Reports in one place. This page will show you how to access and view the reports for not only your own course, but all the other courses in your course group. This page is broken down into three sections, depending on your preferred level of learning: Video, Quick Steps or Detailed Steps.


At the end of a course evaluation period, Course Coordinators will receive an email with attached PDFs for all of the course evaluation results. In case you missed or cannot locate the email or want to drill down further, more information can be found by logging in.

Quick Steps

    1. Login to SmartEvals

    2. Click Survey Results in the Dashboard.

    3. Click the Report icon next to the Instructor's name for the details of the evaluation results.

    4. Scroll down to review important details about the evaluation results including a Chart of Scores and Feedback.

    5. Use the Filter dropdowns above the report to group instructors or change to another instructor view.

    6. Click Export in the top right corner to export the results in PDF format.

Detailed Steps

Logging In

    1. You can log into SmartEvals here:

    2. Enter your UMID credentials and validate via Duo if necessary.

    3. You will be brought to the Smart Evals Dashboard.

Useful Tools

The Useful Tools section is a list of the typical links a Course Coordinator might need to use when reviewing Course Evaluation Reports. From this section you can do the following:

    • Preview Course Evaluations: This tool allows you to preview the questions that are asked in the Survey

    • Response Rates: This tool allows you to see the number of responses each instructor received and then further drill down to obtain further data per instructor.

    • Survey Results: Allows you to view individual results per instructor or a roll-up report grouping all instructors together.

    • Email PDF Report: allows you to send a custom PDF Report based on fields and filters of your choosing.

    • Dropped Course Survey Results: Shows you a table of any Dropped Course Surveys that might have been completed.

    • Export Raw Data: Allows you to export the raw data into a spreadsheet program for further evaluation.

Viewing Response Rates

Selecting the Response Rates tool will reveal a data table showing all instructors, along with columns indicating Not Responded, Responded, Total and Percentage.

Click the graph icon (1) to view a visualization of the responses.

To further identify data that is important to you, filters can be applied. As a Course Coordinator, you will want to click the See All Course Groups drop-down and select just the data you need to visualize.

Survey Results

Selecting the Survey Results tool will show you a Course Evaluation Results table. This table will be specific to your Course Group.

To view data on a specific instructor, click the graph icon (1). The N Column (2) shows you the actual number of responses that make up the table.

When you click the graph icon, you will see the specific answers to each survey question. Clicking on a blue number (1) will apply a filter for those specific results.

Scrolling down further will show a visualization of the survey results. This visualization will change if a filter is applied.

Email PDF Results

Selecting this tool allows you to generate a PDF based on a specific instructor or group. For all instructors, click the All checkbox (1).

To choose a specific course group, select the See all course groups dropdown (2).

When you have the results, click Email me the selected reports (3)

Additional Data and Reports

If you need any additional information, specific to departments or divisions, or if you would like to further analyze the data, the reports menu is available to you.

A lot more detailed information is available including an ability to create a complete Pivot Table Analysis of the results.