Concourse Syllabus for Students


Concourse is a cloud-based syllabus management system that helps the School of Social Work (and other UMB schools) manage and maintain consistent, up-to-date, accessible syllabi that are responsive, viewable, downloadable and printable from most any device. Beginning in Fall 2020, the SSW began having all syllabi available to faculty and students via Concourse - from within their Blackboard courses.

The only way to access Concourse Syllabus for UMB is to access it from within a Blackboard course. Clicking the Concourse syllabus link in a blackboard course will launch the application and log you in, using your Blackboard credentials. It is currently not possible to log in directly to Concourse to view your syllabus. Please go to your spring courses in Blackboard and click the Concourse link there. Once you have been logged into Concourse in one course, if you click the Concourse logo in the upper left of your screen, you will be able to see all of the syllabi you have logged into. It will not show you other course syllabi if you have not already clicked on them from within those courses, but once you have done so, you can see all of your syllabi in Concourse.

Accessing a Concourse Syllabus

When you click the Concourse Syllabus item in your course, it will launch a new web browser tab with your syllabus.

(Important Note: you always need to start in your Blackboard course and click to launch Concourse. If you leave a Concourse Syllabus tab open in your browser over night, and try to download the PDF the next morning, it will result in errors. You will be eventually logged out of Concourse and Blackboard after hours of inactivity, in which case you need to log back into Blackboard first, and then click the Concourse Syllabus link from Blackboard to log back into Concourse.)

Using the Syllabus menu, you can select Print or Download a PDF to your computer or device.

(Keep in mind that if your instructor makes any updates or changes to the syllabus, they will not be in the copy that you print or download. The syllabus "View" will always be the most up-to-date version of the syllabus, and you can always go back to this to view the syllabus during your course.

You can also navigate to various portions of the syllabus using the quick jump heading navigation along the right column.

Please communicate with your instructor regarding any inconsistencies, questions or issues regarding the syllabus itself.

If the syllabus is not working or you receive an error, please reach out using the contact info below.