Voicethread Assignment Builder


Voicethread has an assignment tool that integrates with Blackboard. This self-help page will guide you through the process of creating an assignment in Blackboard, accept completed assignments from students and grade them in the Voicethread Assignment builder (which in turn will add to the Grade Center.

Creating an Assignment

There are 4-steps to creating assignments. Clicking each link will take you to the direct support page for Voicethread with various step-by-step instructions.

  1. Add a VoiceThread link to your course

  2. Configure your activity

  3. Wait for students to submit

  4. Grade student submissions

Important Notes

Here are some important notes that the IDEA Team has found when deploying assignments via Voicethread.

  • There is a difference between the New Assignments tool versus the Legacy tool. We recommend using the New Assignments tool. We recommend you check to see which version you have. All Faculty will be upgraded by June 30th this year (2021).

  • If you want students to view one another’s VoiceThreads after they are submitted, check the Student Gallery box under settings. This will give them a “Student Gallery” button in their interface to see just the VoiceThreads their classmates have submitted for this assignment.

  • At all times, you want to make sure you are viewing or accessing voicethreads using umaryland.voicethread.com to ensure that you are using the proper version of Voicethread. This should be the case when using Blackboard but it is a great idea to follow this practice for non-assignment work as well.