Step 7: Announcements


On this page, you will learn the importance of class announcements and how professors use the Announcement feature to alert you to critical class information.

Using Announcements

Announcements will generally be the first thing you see when you enter a course in Blackboard.

However, some faculty may change the template so that you see content, lessons or other material when you first go to the course home page.

You can click on the Announcements link in the upper left navigation bar. If that isn't displaying, try the Student Tools link.

If that is also not displaying, your instructor may have disabled these features. Talk to your professor about the reasons you'd like to see it included!


Announcements may expire and may be simultaneously sent with the announcement out via email at the same time as it is posted.


  1. Go into your Blackboard Orientation course, and read the announcements posted.
  2. After you have completed this exercise, please go to Step 8.