Exam Support


The IDEA Team supports the use of Blackboard for teaching and learning, and part of that is the use of exams. Here are the ways we support exams:

    • We can help set up the exam in Blackboard to maximize the settings for your exam situation.

    • We can send out an announcement on the day of the exam letting students know how to reach us via the IDEA Line (410-870-9663) for support during the exam, and to set expectations regarding response times. Typically we can either answer the call immediately or it goes to voicemail if we are helping another student, and we will then respond as soon as possible.

    • We highly recommend scheduling exams for which you would like specific IDEA Team support during our normal business hours (M-F, 8-4), including any extended time for student completion. If you plan to have an exam outside those hours and would like specific IDEA Team support, please email ideateam@ssw.umaryland.edu at least 4 weeks in advance with a proposed time and date to see if we can accommodate that need on that date during your proposed timeframe.

    • Via the IDEA Line, during normal business hours (M-F, 8-4) or if we have scheduled support time outside those hours, per above, we can assist with issues after students submit their tests in Blackboard such as:

      • verifying if the exam was submitted successfully to the Grade Center in Blackboard

      • clearing an attempt**

      • adding an additional attempt**

      • adding more time**

**These items require the approval of instructor

    • For exams in the 4th floor SSW computer lab, please make sure when you book the lab that sswcomputerservices@ssw.umaryland.edu and sswmediacenter@ssw.umaryland.edu are cc:ed on the calendar invite. They will manage the computers and lab access.

    • The IDEA Team provides Blackboard support via the IDEA Line: 410-870-9663.

    • Any issues related to hardware, networks, lab access, etc. can be referred to SSW Informatics/ Computer Services 410-706-7232


In case of the below issues, IDEA Team can reach out to others to assist:

    • If there issues with computer lab access: Informatics (sswinformatics@ssw.umaryland.edu or sswmediacenter@ssw.umaryland.edu or sswcomputerservices@ssw.umaryland.edu) 410-706-7232

    • If there are issues with the network on campus: Informatics (sswinformatics@ssw.umaryland.edu) or CITS can assist (410-706-HELP)

    • If there are issues with Blackboard being slow to load, respond or not being available: CITS Blackboard team can assist (410-706-HELP or dl-CITS-bbsupport@umaryland.edu)