Anti-Plagiarism Tutorial


A new version of the Anti-Plagiarism Tutorial was released to new Fall 2021 admitted students on July 2, 2021. All incoming students who need to complete these are automatically enrolled in SOWK 690 in SURFS/Blackboard.

Please complete the Blackboard Orientation 1st, and then look for the Anti-Plagiarism course along with the History of Oppression pre-requisite in your SOWK 690 Blackboard course.

Any student who completed the Blackboard Orientation and/or the Anti-Plagiarism module prior to Fall 2021, in the OLD LEGACY School of Social Work Student Online Blackboard and Anti-Plagiarism Orientation can find your certificates of completion in that course in Blackboard. If you did NOT complete the exams and/or receive a Certificate of Completion in that course, you will need to be manually enrolled into the Fall 2021 version of SOWK 690 in order to complete the Blackboard and/or Anti-Plagiarism certificates. You can email to be manually enrolled.

Information below is FYI only and not necessarily in the SOWK 690 module or exam.