Step 2: Browser and Blackboard Logins


Welcome to the Browser and Blackboard Login Orientation page. We've got your back when it comes to navigating Blackboard and this page will help.

Key Points on this Page:

Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers optimal compatibility and performance for accessing Blackboard. Ensure you're using the latest version for the smoothest experience. 

Download Google Chrome

If you currently do not have Google Chrome on your computer, please DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE. Failure to use Google Chrome may hinder your experience as a student. While many browsers are compatible with Blackboard, we have found that Google Chrome is the most reliable. All of our templates and architecture has been built on a Chrome Browser, so we know what to look for when troubleshooting. 

Minimum Technology Requirements

Click this link to view the Minimum Technology Requirements for participating in all SSW courses. Please do not try to navigate classes using a tablet or mobile phone. Yes, your experience may work, but a full-sized laptop or desktop computer is best. 

Using Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

All students will need to use Duo multi-factor authentication to enter Blackboard. 

Please see this Introduction video from CITS about getting this set up and entering Blackboard:


Supported Browsers, Operating Systems, and Devices

PLEASE NOTE: not all functions work on all devices. We strongly advise against trying to complete the MSW program on a mobile phone, since there are functions in Blackboard that ONLY work properly on a laptop or desktop computer. 

Please note that your instructors make the course available to you in Blackboard. Until they do, you will not see your course listed in Blackboard. 

Some instructors open courses early and some do not. If you do not see your course listed and are eager to, please email your instructor.  Neither the IDEA Team nor any other staff entity will make your course available before the semester begins. Only your instructor will do so.

Here is a UMB Directory where you can locate folks by last name: Another tip, is that in Outlook, typically, when composing a message, if you start typing a last name, it will pull up suggested people from the directory, as well as typically offer up a directory where you can search for folks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackboard

How Do I Access My Blackboard Course

To access your courses, you will need to go to You will need a working UMID from CITS before you can log in.

It is also most useful if your campus email address is set up before you log into Blackboard the first time.  

Can I Access Blackboard on a Mobile Device

Click these links to access Blackboard on your iOS, Android, Windows. You can also use Bb Student Mobile app.

PLEASE NOTE: not all functions work on all devices. We strongly advise against trying to complete the MSW program on a mobile phone, since there are functions in Blackboard that ONLY work properly on a laptop or desktop computer. If you try working on a mobile phone and something doesn't work, we suggest trying Chrome, Safari, and the Blackboard app - and it if still doesn't work, your only option is to use a laptop or desktop computer.

What is the Link to Blackboard

The Blackboard link is also available on the main SSW website.

What USERID and Password do I Use

You will need to login into Blackboard using your UMID and password. These are managed in the campus directory system, by CITS

I Cannot Remember My USERID and Password

If you do not know your MYUMB ID, please go here.

I Lost My Phone and Cannot Access DUO

You can generate a bypass code to log into Blackboard from anywhere with an internet connection at 

After logging in, select Multi Factor Authentication (Duo) on the left, and the select the yellow "Generate Bypass Code"  button. 

You will be given an alphanumeric code.

When you are faced with DUO, you will then click to submit the bypass code you generated, so you do not need your cell phone. 


Page Summary

Navigating Blackboard should be hassle-free, and with the right tools and knowledge, it can be! From choosing the right browser to setting up Multi-Factor Authentication, we've got everything covered to ensure your learning journey remains smooth sailing. Still, have questions? Feel free to reach out, and we'll be happy to assist you!

Exercise 2:

These tutorials will serve reminders later during your studies if you forget how to do something within Blackboard. 

Once you have logged into the Blackboard Orientation course, please move to Step 3.


If you see an Error message, you are probably not logged in. Log in first!