Step 11: Exams


Exams are a crucial component of your academic journey, providing an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of course material and achieve learning objectives. Some instructors choose to assess your understanding using different approaches than exams. This will be made clear in the Concourse Syllabus. This guide will walk you through the process of accessing and completing exams in Blackboard, as well as provide tips and important information to help you succeed.

Key Points on this page

Essay Questions can be tricky if you type answers in directly

Google Chrome is your best friend for taking Exams

Exam formats could include multiple-choice or exam questions or single answer questions.

Not all exams are automatically graded. Your grade will appear in My Grades after being reviewed and submitted by an instructor.

Accessing Exams

Special Note on Essay Questions

It is possible for Blackboard to time out while you are composing answers to essay questions. Bb does save the essay answer box every time you type, but it is possible for it to time out depending on how long you take to answer the question. If you got timed out - before you went to click to Submit your answers, it's possible this work could be lost - and Blackboard will ask you to log in again, losing your work.

It is a good idea for essay questions that can take a long time to compose to copy and paste your work into a secondary place (like a google doc or word doc) and/or to make sure if they step away that they keep Blackboard active by clicking on something at least every 5  minutes or so. Bb does auto-save while typing in the essay box, so this isn't an issue for most, but if you do happen to step away for something or if you compose your message in Word, Office 365 or Google Docs, it's possible it will time out. Be sure to click save every now and again to keep Blackboard active, and we highly recommend copying and pasting your essay answers into a separate location just before you submit, so that your work is backed up. 

Helpful Exam Tips:

The screenshot below is an example. The actual text you see in the exam may differ.

Getting Test Score/Results

If your instructor shares the results of your test with you, that will be found in My Grades (or Gradebook):

If you cannot see your scores or get to your exams from My Grades, it is likely your instructor has either chosen not to display these to you, or has inadvertently not allowed them in the Test Options, and needs to edit the Test Options. You can contact your instructor and see if they need assistance from the IDEA Team to fix the Test Options. 

Here is more information on viewing test score results that may be useful

Important Information:

Page Summary

On this page, you learned about the importance of exams in your academic journey, serving as opportunities to demonstrate your understanding of course material and achieve learning objectives. You were guided through the process of accessing exams in Blackboard Classic, including navigating to the exam section, reviewing instructions carefully, and completing the exam within the designated timeframe. Special attention was given to essay questions, with tips provided to ensure your work is saved and not lost due to timing out. Additionally, helpful exam tips were shared, such as being mindful of time limits, using Google Chrome, and ensuring a reliable internet connection. Finally, you were instructed on how to view your test scores and results in My Grades.