Voicethread Assignments within Blackboard


In this guide, you will be instructed on how to access Voicethread links inside of Blackboard using the Blackboard Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). During the process, you will learn how to complete assignments and upload content right from within your Blackboard course.

Getting Started

Instructors use Voicethread in a number of different ways. If your instructor uses the LTI in your course, clicking the LTI link will automatically log you in using the email address in your Blackboard profile.

NOTE: If you have used Voicethread or created a presentation by logging into Voicethread.com (not umaryland.voicethread.com) and using a different email address (such as gmail or yahoo), this will be a separate and disconnected version of Voicethread.

Types of Voicethread Assignments

There are three types of assignments that an instructor might require using Voicethread: Creating a Voicethread, Commenting on a Voicethread and Watching a Voicethread. Note: These are graded assignments that an instructor is providing with results that will count as part of your final grade. For non-graded assignments, please read the section titled Non-Graded Assignments below.

Creating a Voicethread

  1. From Blackboard, click the LTI Assignment link found under Assessments.

2. The Start Assignment screen appears. Any pertinent instructions will appear on the right side of the screen. Click Start Assignment to begin.

3. You can create your Voicethread assignment using any of the tools provided. For more information on how specifically to do that, visit the main Voicethread page. If you had already created a Voicethread and see the thread you want to submit, you can click it once to select it. If you do NOT see your thread there, and cannot locate it by searching in the search box, it was most likely created in some other VT account. You will then have to use the "Add a VoiceThread by share link or id" blue hyperlink at the bottom of the thumbnail list. Here, you will be able to paste in the Share Link to any Voicethread that is shareable.

4. When your Voicethread is complete, click Submit.

Note: There is an option to share your submission with the class. If the instructor requires this, please check the box indicating that you wish to share your presentation with the rest of the class.

5. You will receive a confirmation message that your assignment has been submitted. At that point, you can close the window.

Commenting Assignment

  1. From Blackboard, click the LTI Assignment link found under Assessments.

2. Click the Start Assignment button on the right. Record the required number of comments. If your instructor has asked you to add slides, upload the required number of slides to complete the assignment.

3. Once you’ve met the requirements, you’ll see a blue check mark next to the to-do list on the right. Click Submit to complete your assignment.

Watch Assignment

The Watch Assignment instructions are similar to the Commenting Assignment. Instead of having to comment on a Voicethread, you will be required to watch a voicethread instead. The Submit button will appear active when you finish watching the Voicethread.

Non-Graded Assignments

In addition to graded assignments, an instructor might post a link using the LTI in a non-graded assignment. There are three options: individual Voicethread, Course View and VT Home.

  • An individual Voicethread is no different than a standard hyperlink. Once clicked, you will begin to see the Voicethread.

  • Course view opens to the total sum of voicethread videos that your instructor has grouped together for that specific course.

  • VT Home is a link that works similar to heading to the Voicethread website. Access to all public voicethreads are available here.