Entering Scores on Assessment Assignments

If you are new to competencies and scoring students at SSW, please begin with the videos at the bottom of this page, which explain the background of competency tracking.

Starting in the Fall, 2019, competency assessment scores will no longer be entered with TK20, and instead, will be entered via the Full Grade Center, using Columns that start with CSWE that will be added to your course by the IDEA Team. The column will be associated with a rubric using the Blackboard Rubrics tool, and entering scores will be done using that tool, via the Full Grade Center. More specifics on how to do this are in the video and step-by-step directions below.

Please be mindful: It is vital to maintaining our data integrity that you do NOT edit the CSWE rubrics or their names in the Rubrics tool in your course.

Also, do not edit the CSWE column names we place in your grade center.


Here is the 3 minute video showing how to enter scores:

Step-by-Step Directions with Images are also below:

Use Chrome browser only!

1. Scroll down to the course Control Panel, Grade Center area and click Grade Center > Full Grade Center

2. Scroll to the right - to the end and locate the CSWE column(s) we have added to your course.

Note that these are added so that they are NOT visible to students.

Each rubric for your course will have a separate column in your grade center.

We recommend you scroll to the bottom right and click on "Edit Rows Displayed" - and make sure the number of rows is set to include all of your students on one screen.

If there are 32 students, please set this to 33, for example.

3. Mouse over a student cell in the CSWE column and use the gray/white down arrow icon to select "View Grade Details"

Notice in the image below, the down arrow is clicked within a student cell (for student named "IDEA Team")

4. Click "View Rubric" under Current Grade Value on the left. A new window will pop-up with the rubric to click and fill in.

5. For each row, which represents a competency, select a value on the right: Exemplary, Proficient, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory.

You do NOT need to enter Feedback, and you can ignore the percent and/or number of points.

Click the representative box for each competency and then click "Save"

6. You will be back on the student Current Grade page, and you will noticed a 0.00 in the box next to "View Rubric" - but you must Click Save again in order for the rating to be saved!

7. To move to the next student you can use the arrows at the top left of your screen.

To move to the next rubric for the same student (if you have multiple columns) - use the arrows on the top right.

Or you can go back to Grade Center and use the pulldown menu next to a student's name to go to "View Grade Details" (Repeat from Step 3).

Rubrics that are completed show a green checkmark √ in the grade center, and those not yet entered have 2 dashes --

If you see a student that is not supposed to be on your roster or need further assistance, please email IDEATeam@ssw.umaryland.edu so we can help.

Introduction to Competencies, Assessment and Reporting:

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