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Social Media Resources for Social Work Students and Faculty


You don’t even need to use Twitter to follow along with conversations that use hashtags. Here are some to explore for starters:

#socialwork, #socialworked, #socialworkeducation, #socialworkfield , #sweducation, #swmacro, #sociaworkcareer

Related to hashtags, sometimes there are timed "discussions" and sharing sessions that occur using a particular hashtag on a certain day/time. Here's an example: #MacroSW chats, a weekly live Twitter chat focused on changing larger systems, such as communities and organizations. The chats are every Thursday at 9 PM Eastern -with @officialmacrosw (via @laurelhitchcock - see her social media and Twitter activities for social workers.

Want to find more? Type the word/phrase/hashtag you are looking to replace “yourhashtag”, then copy and paste it into a new browser tab or window:

Of course, keep in mind that not everyone who posts using these hashtags may be a social worker or have the best intentions. Always use discretion before clicking a link or responding to someone. Phishing, spamming and scamming happen here too!

While you’re at it, you can search for authors, heroes, inspirational people or colleagues using Twitter’s search function. If you set up an account, you can “follow” them to see what they tweet, as well as reply and retweet interesting posts.


Likewise, many of these hashtags are also in use on Facebook:

#socialworkeducation, #socialworkfield, #socialwork, #socialworkcareer

Social Media For Social Workers:

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