CSWE Competencies


CSWE outcomes on the school’s course based and field assessments is what helps hold us to a standard of quality.  It is important for us to collect this data because it helps us define anticipated student learning. We can find where the school as a whole is stronger and weaker and make improvements as needed. Faculty filling out the course-based assessments helps us improve course offerings, make changes, and ultimately make the student more ready when they graduate from the school. If you are new to competencies and scoring students at SSW, please check out this link which explains the background of competency tracking. This page will step you through the process of filling out the CSWE Rubric

Locating the CSWE Rubric

The CSWE Rubrics can be found in the Full Grade Center, using Columns that start with CSWE that will be added to your course by the IDEA Team. The column will be associated with a rubric using the Blackboard Rubrics tool, and entering scores will be done using that tool, via the Full Grade Center. 

Scroll to the right - to the end and locate the CSWE column(s) we have added to your course. 

NOTE: If you have scrolled left and right in the Full Grade Center and do not see the CSWE rubric column, chances are that either your course doesn't report these or that this column was lost or overwritten in the course copy process of copying in materials from a past semester. In the latter case,  email ideateam@ssw.umaryland.edu to have us re-add the column to your course. 

Note that these are added so that they are NOT visible to students.

Each rubric for your course will have a separate column in your grade center.

Grade Center Image

Completing the Rubric

 Mouse over a student cell in the CSWE column and use the gray/white down arrow icon to select "View Grade Details"

Notice in the image below, the down arrow is clicked within a student cell (for the student named "IDEA Team")


Grade Center - Full Grade Center Image

Click "View Rubric" under Current Grade Value on the left. A new window will pop-up with the rubric to click and fill in.

Click to View Rubric Screen

For each row that represents a competency, select a value on the right: Exemplary, Proficient, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory

Click the representative box for each competency and then click "Save"  

Rubric Detail Screen

You will be back on the student Current Grade page, and you will noticed a 0.00 in the box next to "View Rubric" - but you must Click Save again in order for the rating to be saved!

Rubric Completion Form - Save Button

Next, go to the next student. Rubrics that are completed show a green checkmark √ in the grade center, and those not yet entered have 2 dashes --

Full Grade Center Rubric Complete

Blackboard Ultra Instructions

The newest version of Blackboard is called Blackboard Ultra. Here are the steps required to enter CSWE Competency scores in Blackboard Ultra.

Blackboard Ultra CSWE Competency Instructions


Filling out your rubrics is a simple process that allows us to collect data for the school as a whole. If it’s your first time and you want some help please email ideateam@ssw.umaryland.edu and we would be happy to assist.

Date Last Updated/Reviewed: 10/31/2023