Field Simulation Instructions


The Office for Field Education recently created a project to develop a short, simulated client interaction that focuses on supporting social work communication skills. This is an innovative approach using an online platform and client avatar. The tool that is being used is called  the Dialogue Trainer. The goal for this project is to support your initial social work communication skill attainment. It is the hope that it might help increase feelings of preparedness for your first day of interacting with clients in field.

You are invited to play through the simulation and consider what you experience and learn. You’ll be discussing this simulated client interaction with your field seminar instructor and other new SSW students during your first field seminar. Instructions are below, with an estimated time start-to-finish of 15-40 minutes.

Part 1

Create a Dialogue Trainer account by using this link to join (This is a pre-purchased UMB SSW account-estimated time to create account is 2-5 min)

Part 2

Select the simulation titled: “Interaction with Charlie: SSW Field Scenario 2023” 

Part 3

Move through the scenario using your current knowledge of social work communication skills. 


For questions, concerns, or technology troubleshooting, you can contact the Office for Field Education or the IDEA Team using any of the links below.