Video Upload Assignments


Many of our classes have assignments (either group or individual) for which students are required to create or record a video, and then share that video, either with faculty (only) or with the entire class. In this guide you will be instructed on the best approach to uploading the video and sharing it via Voicethread

Also note: if the goal is to record only a student speaking on camera, it is possible to just use Voicethread and have students use the "webcam video" option to record their video directly into a thread. This can be done from any laptop or mobile device with a camera and microphone. 

It is also possible to set up a graded Voicethread assignment within your Bb course that helps automated the process for students to submit a video/thread.

General Instructions

The preferred approach to this task would be to record the video via Zoom (using the Cloud) and sharing the recording link or record directly in Voicethread using the Webcam video option after creating a thread and clicking Add Media, and sharing the Voicethread link. Note that per UMB policy, Zoom cloud recordings expire after 365 days.  

An alternative approach is to record via zoom and then download the MP4 video and upload the video file to Voicethread and share it with the instructor/class.

A final approach would be to record the video using any method they desire (producing, editing and finalizing using iMovie for example) but still uploading to Voicethread.

This preferred approach is to simplify different video formats (some of which are not compatible across computers/systems), or to manage video size restrictions (often large when using phones, iMovie or certain formats) which cannot be handled by Blackboard alone. 

You can choose whether you instruct students to paste or upload their share information (with the whole class) to a Discussion board, or into a file that they upload privately for an assignment dropbox OR using the Voicethread LTI to create a graded assignment within your course

Recording Zoom using Cloud Recording

After the session is complete, you will receive a link to the recording via email.  Paste the share link into a Word document (followed by your self-reflection) and upload into Blackboard in the (name of assignment or discussion) item.

For ZOOM information:

Recording a Zoom video as a Local Recording

Example instructions: "After completing, locate the local recording on your computer.  Log in at using your UMID.  Create a new thread and upload your video into the new voice thread (or use Add Media to do so).  Share the voice thread link (use these directions to make sure it is shared properly!), copy and paste into a word document followed by your self-reflection and upload into Blackboard under module 2 assignment."

Recording via Mobile Phone or Other Methods

Example Instructions: If you are unable to use ZOOM, you can record your session using a mobile phone or other device.  After recording, log in at using your UMID. Create a new thread and upload your video into the a new voice thread (add media).  Share the voice thread link (use these directions for sharing!), copy and paste the share link into a word document (followed by your self-reflection) and upload into Blackboard under (name of assignment/discussion.)

Alternatively, you can just go to Voicethread and create a thread, click Add Media and choose Webcam Video to record your video/audio directly into Voicethread.