Step 4: Profile



In this step you will learn the value of notification settings in Blackboard, found by clicking on your profile.

Recording Your Name Pronunciation

It is now possible to do an audio recording of your name pronunciation in your Blackboard profile, as well as type out a phonetic spelling:

Go to this link and log into your Blackboard account with your UMID:

  1. Click Add pronunciation

  2. Click Record name pronunciation on the right

  3. Click to Allow the microphone

  4. Add your phonetic name spelling

  5. Click Done.

When viewing somone's profile, you can Play name pronunciation if they have recorded one, or view the Pronunciation:

Blackboard Profile Avatar Images

CITS has informed that the profile avatar image settings are currently broken. The only thing you can do is choose whether or not it shows your UMID OneCard photo ID - and that setting is here: (the choice is either "display" or "do not display"). The other settings on that page are not related to avatar images.

However, changing that setting may not have any affect - and they have reported this bug to Blackboard, Inc. Currently, if you want your avatar UMID OneCard image to display and it is not currently showing, you would need to contact to have them load your OneCard photo into the system. That is the only image that is currently allowed under CITS' policy, you cannot upload your own/any other image.

You cannot change your avatar image. You can only choose whether the "system generated avatar image" displays or not. The photo is ONLY the OneCard photo associated with your UMB ID card.


While you are looking at the Personal Information, click on "Edit Personal Information" and check to see if your correct (for faculty/staff) or "" (for students) email address is listed next to "Email." If it is not correct, or especially if it is blank, email so that they/we can help get that corrected. Without that in place, you won't be able to send or receive emails or notifications via Blackboard. (Please review Step 1: Support - specifically about the creation of your email address first. If your email has not been yet created, and you don't email us from that account, we won't be able to help with this.)

If you are a UMB employee and/or have the wrong address showing in Blackboard, visit the Directory ( to set your primary email to the one you would like to show in your Blackboard profile.

If your name also needs to be corrected, please use the Preferred Name form ( to update your preferred name.

More info on personal settings:


  1. Go into the Orientation Course and verify your personal information in your profile.

  2. You will want to verify your information is correct. Also, explore the calendar, notification and other settings and dashboards.

  3. After you have completed exercise 5, please go to Step 5.