Step 4: Profile and Notifications


In this step, you will learn the value of setting up your Blackboard Profile, the restrictions surrounding your profile picture and avatar as well as learning how to use the Name Pronunciation tool to help others understand your name. In addition, you will learn how to turn various Notifications on and off in the system so you never miss an important deadline or notification. 

Key Points on this page:

Blackboard Profile Avatar Images

CITS has locked down the ability to alter Profile Avatar images. The only thing you can do is choose whether or not it shows your UMID OneCard photo ID - and that setting is here:  (the choice is either "display" or "do not display"). The other settings on that page are not related to avatar images. You cannot change your avatar image. You can only choose whether the "system generated avatar image" displays or not. The photo is ONLY the OneCard photo associated with your UMB ID card. 

However, changing that setting may not have any affect - and CITS has reported this bug to Blackboard, Inc. Currently, if you want your avatar UMID OneCard image to display and it is not currently showing, you would need to contact to have them load your OneCard photo into the system. That is the only image that is currently allowed under CITS' policy, you cannot upload your own/any other image.

You can also now visit your profile in the new Ultra system,: ( and there is much you can update there, but that does not currently include your photo image. 

Recording Your Name Pronunciation

It is now possible to do an audio recording of your name pronunciation in your Blackboard profile, as well as type out a phonetic spelling:

Go to this link and log into your Blackboard account with your UMID:

When viewing somone's profile, you can Play name pronunciation if they have recorded one, or view the Pronunciation: 

Verifying Your Email Address

While you are looking at the Personal Information, click on Edit Personal Information and check to see if your correct (for faculty/staff) or (for students) email address is listed next to Email.

If it is not correct, email so that we can help get that corrected. Without that in place, you won't be able to send or receive emails or notifications via Blackboard. 

If you are a UMB employee and/or have the wrong address showing in Blackboard, visit the Directory to set your primary email to the one you would like to show in your Blackboard profile. 

If your name also needs to be corrected, please use the Preferred Name form to update your preferred name. 

To learn more, visit the Blackboard page on personal settings.


In addition to your Profile and Name Pronunciation, it is important to understand how to control Notifications in Blackboard. 

Viewing Notification Settings

Notifications can be turned on and off in the same area where you access your Profile. You have three notification choices.

Stream Notifications

These are notifications that appear when you click the  Activity Stream icon on the Main Blackboard page. 

Clicking the hyperlink will activate a side panel, allowing you to choose what appears in the stream or not. 

Check or uncheck each box to indicate whether you want this notification in your activity stream. 

Additionally, clicking the downward facing arrow will activate any sub options available for you. 

Email Notifications

This option allows you to choose what emails you wish to recieve and when. Clicking the hyperlink will show you the Email Notifications panel allowing you to check or uncheck any options. Additionally, you can choose whether you want to be emailed right away or whether you want a once a day email digest of all notifications. 

Push Notifications

This option is specific to the Blackboard App. While we do not recommend using the Blackboard App for day-to-day use, as a laptop or PC is preferred, the Blackboard App does allow you to be notified immediately - should you choose to turn it on. Examples of this could be discussion board responses, grades and due dates.

Page Summary:

CITS enforces a profile avatar image lockdown, preventing users from changing their profile avatars. Instead, users are restricted to displaying their UMID OneCard photo ID. They have the option to choose whether to display this photo or not. The only permissible image under CITS policy is the OneCard photo linked to the UMB ID card; uploading other images is not allowed. Users can access their profiles at Additionally, a name pronunciation tool is now available.

Exercise 4: