Sharing Video and Audio


Most apps (Collaborate, Webex, Zoom) now have a "Share audio" or similar button you can check when you are sharing your screen. This way, if you pull up a video (from YouTube, Kanopy or anywhere else) in your web browser, you can stream it live to students AND they can hear the audio - but ONLY if you check this box. Here's how:

Blackboard Collaborate

Start by opening the control panel using the two arrows in the purple icon in the far lower right. Then click the Share Content tab at the bottom (arrow), and then click Share Application/Screen:

Next, you'll be presented with a window to choose which monitor, screen, or item you want to share with students. Select Chrome tab at the top right, then choose the tab you want to share, for example, the video you want to stream.

Finally, check the Share Audio button in the lower left, and then the Share icon in the lower right. You are now sharing both your screen of the video, along with the audio so that students can properly hear the video sound.

If you don't click the Share audio icon, students will not be able to hear the sound from the video.


In Webex, you start by clicking the Share icon (up arrow, shown below in black)

Next, you click the dropdown menu in the upper left to choose Optimize for motion and video and then check the Share your computer audio box

Finally, choose either Screen to share your whole screen and/or anything on it, or choose an application that you want to share, such as Google Chrome by mousing over that item and clicking the blue Share icon that appears as you mouseover.


For those using your own personal Zoom account, you would start with the green Share icon in the lower middle, and then check the two boxes in the lower left Share computer sound and Optimize for full-screen video clip and then select which screen or item you want to share, and click the Share icon in the lower right.