Tiny URLs, URL Shorteners, and QR Codes

Have you ever been in a class or presentation and seen a very long URL on the screen, and tried to write it down? Ugh... Here, try to write this one down, which you can't click on:


Rough, right? Well URL shorteners are abundant, very easy, and very handy to use! 

Here's how:

Generally, all you need to do is:

And, nowadays, there's a special bonus, in that some URL shorteners also simultaneously create a QR code, which people can open up on their phones by just pointing the camera at the QR code...

Here is a short video from Dr. J. on how to do this:

And here some common and popular URL shorteners:

There are also Google Chrome browser extensions for creating short URL's.

Check them out, and your audience will enjoy super short URL's that are easy to write down and visit!

And now, for our obligatory music video: