Managing Participants


Regardless of the tool you use, the process of managing participants in an online virtual synchronous session is relatively the same.

Muting All Participants

The very first thing to do when in a session is to know how to mute all participants. This ensures that all background noises are muted, allowing you as the presenter to deliver your content.

Blackboard Collaborate

During a session, perform the following:

    1. Click the Participants panel in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
    1. Click the More icon (three dots) to reveal additional options and then click Mute all.


The host or co-host can mute all participants that are already in the meeting, as well as new participants joining the meeting.

  1. Click the Participants button located in the meeting controls
  2. Click Mute All.
  3. Click Mute All to mute all current and new participants.
  4. (Optional) Check Allow participants to unmute themselves if you would like participants to be able to unmute at any time during the meeting.


  1. In a call or a meeting, tap the participant list.
  2. Tap Mute All. All participants are now muted except the participant currently sharing. By default, the toggle Mute participants on entry turns on: participants joining the meeting are muted.
    • When turning off the toggle Allow attendees to unmute themselves, the participants are muted and cannot unmute themselves.
    • When turning on the toggle Allow attendees to unmute themselves, the participants are muted, but can unmute themselves.