Blackboard Ally for Students (Accessibility)


Ally is a Blackboard tool that helps support diverse learning needs by making content accessible to all learners by automatically providing multiple download formats to students. 

Note: Ally is not turned on for all courses. Currently, only a small number of courses have Ally Alternative Formats. Additional courses will be added in the future.

Ally Benefits

Below is a short video showing how Ally can benefit students with alternative formats:


1. Access your Blackboard course and locate the content you wish to view in an alternative format 

2. Click the Ally icon (an uppercase A with a down arrow) next to the file you wish to view in an alternative format 

3. On the popup window, choose your format:  

a. HTML: View the content in your browser or on mobile devices. 

b. ePub: Read the content as an e-book on an iPad or other e-book reader. 

c. Electronic Braille: Creates a BRF file that can be read on a refreshable Braille display or other Braille reading devices. 

d. Audio: Creates an MP3 version of the content for you to listen to. 

e. Tagged PDF: Creates a structured PDF for use with assistive technologies such as a screen reader. 

f. Beeline Reader - enhanced PDF reader

g. Translated Version - translate to another language such as Spanish, French, Arabic, or a multitude of other languages!

Note: Not all formats are available for all types of content.

4. Click Download  (see image below)

5. Open or Save the file