OMSW Student Technology Orientation

NOTE: this orientation is specific for Online MSW students only, not the in person/hybrid MSW program on UMB campus. If you are in that or the USG program, please use the MSW Blackboard orientation instead! 

Technology in Social Work

The deployment of technology in social work is driven by a desire for access and equity, greater flexibility, and is affected by economic or geographic restraints (Jones, 2010). The National Association of Social Workers (hereinafter NASW) and the Association of Social Work Boards have developed standards for technology and social work practice (National Association of Social Workers & Boards, 2005). These guidelines were established so that the core values of social work would drive the implementation of technology when technology is used to fulfill the needs of individuals, groups, and communities (National Association of Social Workers & Boards, 2005). As a social worker, you are required to meet the technology standards developed by NASW. By learning how to utilize the Blackboard course management system, you will be adhering to one of the social work and technology standards.

Here are the few key technologies that we will be using together during your OMSW journey:

This orientation will prepare you for competent use of all these technology tools in the service of earning your OMSW. Please carefully read and/or view all of the materials in this orientation - you will be tested! 

Now, to get started - please proceed to the OMSW Blackboard Orientation: Introduction