OMSW Blackboard Orientation: Introduction


SOWK 690 is a free, non-credit, mini-course and is a prerequisite for all courses. This Blackboard orientation module is one of three that you will have to complete and is the first stop on your OMSW journey! Here are some important components that you need to know:

You have multiple attempts at getting 100% on the exam for the Certificate of Completion. We recommend you hold on to your certificate of completion, email it to yourself, etc. so that you can produce it any time in the future if requested by an instructor.

Click this link to view the Minimum Technology Requirements for participating in this course and all SSW OMSW Blackboard courses. (Please note: they also address things like how long you have access to Blackboard after graduation, which is managed by CITS via your UMID and not the IDEA Team. In general, if you want to download/save something from your Blackboard courses, you should do so during the current semester, as there is no guarantee of access to course materials after a course is completed.)



Our version of Blackboard may differ from other institutions, and our IDEA Team can best support you when using Google Chrome browser. In order to prevent issues, we highly recommend you download and install Google Chrome and only use it for Blackboard.

Page Last Checked/Updated: 4/5/2023