In your OMSW course, you will see several links pointing to a service called Voicethread. Throughout this guide, you'll gain insights into completing assignments and uploading content seamlessly from within your Blackboard course environment.

Getting Started with Voicethread

Instructors use Voicethread in one of three ways: sharing a weekly update with you, delivering a lecture or using voicethread as a assignment.  When using as an assignment, there are four distinct assignments that an instructor can give you:

Regardless of whether it is an assignment or a lecture, you will view and access all Voicethreads the same way.

Accessing a Voicethread from within a Blackboard Course

From within the course, locate the Rocket icon and click the accompanying link.  A new tab will open and the Voicethread (or Voicethread assigment with instructions) will appear. 

Completing a Voicethread Assignment

These are graded assignments that an instructor is providing with results that will count as part of your final grade. For non-graded assignments, please read the section titled Non-Graded Assignments below. 

3. You can create your Voicethread assignment using any of the tools provided. For more information on how specifically to do that, visit the main Voicethread page. If you had already created a Voicethread and see the thread you want to submit, you can click it once to select it. If you do NOT see your thread there, and cannot locate it by searching in the search box, it was most likely created in some other VT account. You will then have to use the "Add a VoiceThread by share link or id" blue hyperlink at the bottom of the thumbnail list. Here, you will be able to paste in the Share Link to any Voicethread that is shareable. 

4. When your Voicethread is complete, click Submit. 

Note: There is an option to share your submission with the class. If the instructor requires this, please check the box indicating that you wish to share your presentation with the rest of the class.

5. You will receive a confirmation message that your assignment has been submitted. At that point, you can close the window.

Commenting Assignment

Watch Assignment

The Watch Assignment instructions are similar to the Commenting Assignment. Instead of having to comment on a Voicethread, you will be required to watch a voicethread instead. The Submit button will appear active when you finish watching the Voicethread.

Non-Graded Assignments

In addition to graded assignments, an instructor might post a link to a non-graded Voicethread - such as the Weekly Welcome listed above.
There are three options: individual Voicethread, Course View and VT Home.

Additional Support

For additional support or how to videos, please visit the Voicethread Support page.