Now That's A Great IDEA


In September 2020, the IDEA Team launched a new monthly electronic magazine (ezine) called Now That's A Great IDEA (NTAGI). It is a brief (usually less than 10 pages in length) interactive magazine featuring pedagogical content as well as tips, a featured tech article, and a monthly focus on key Faculty who are working diligently to advance online education. We welcome suggestions and feedback, so please take a look at the issues below and let us know your thoughts via email at


Issue 18: January, 2023

In this issue:

  • Faculty Focus featuring Iris Cardenas and Lynn Michalopoulos

  • Closing the Feedback Loop on Student Assignments: Take Less Time to Grade and More Time to Engage! (And lots on the Bb Grade Center!)

  • 3 Pedagogies we like: Care, Humanizing & Constructivism

  • Ways to Get Mid-term Feedback from Students

  • Bb Ally: Supported File Types and How Instructors Can Improve Accessibility of Course Materials

  • OMSW Sneak Peak from Nakiya Schurman

  • The super duper new IDEA Team Commercial with some incredible cameos!

  • and maybe even yet still more...!!

Issue 17: August, 2022

In this issue:

  • Preparing your course for the new semester and all that entails...

  • A Student-Centered Approach for a Course That Inspires

  • Resources from the student pre-requisite course

  • 4 Reasons to use the Zoom Meetings link in Blackboard (for those who meet synchronously via Zoom in class)

  • Blackboard Ally Accessibility report stats from the SSW - and squad goals for this coming academic year!

Issue 16: April, 2022

In this issue:

  • Voicethread - it can do so much

  • Meet our new team member

  • Teaching Presence

  • Feedback & Anti Racist Writing Pedagogy

Issue 15: Mar, 2022

In this issue:

  • Best Engagement Tool

  • Readings and Learning Resources

  • CSWE Competencies

  • OCR Tricks for PDF's

  • Name Pronunciation in Blackboard

Issue 14: Jan, 2022:

In this issue:

  • Set up your course

  • Accessible PowerPoint Slides

  • Voicethread in Blackboard

Issue 13: Dec, 2021:

In this issue:

  • Accessibility with Ally - part 3

  • Face to Face Class Time

  • Setting up for Spring

  • The One Take Wonder Lip Sync Singers

Issue 12: Nov, 2021

In this issue:

  • Blackboard ALLY - Round 2

  • Choosing Delivery Methods for Blended and Hybrid classes

  • Deploying Tests and Quizzes in Blackboard

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Universal Design

Issue 11: Oct, 2021:

In this issue:

  • Blackboard ALLY - The Student View

  • Active learning and Authentic Assessment

  • Saving and Editing Zoom Recordings

Issue 10: Sept, 2021:

In this issue:

  • Early Interventions

  • The Retention Center in Blackboard

  • Hypothesis Teaching Tool

Issue 9: July, 2021 :

In this issue:

  • Marking Courses as Favorites in UBN

  • Advanced Screen

  • 5 Simple things to check out during Summer

  • Opinion: Post Pandemic Teaching

Issue 8: May, 2021 :

In this issue:

  • Feedback Loops - Engaging Students through better feedback.

  • The Art of Blackboard Feedback

  • Ultra Base Navigation - Coming Soon to Blackboard

  • Faculty Focus: Lee Westgate

Issue 7: April, 2021:

In this issue:

  • Great ways to Annotate using

  • The Retention Center in Blackboard

  • The New Blackboard Content Editor

  • Step by step guide to using the tool inside of Blackboard.

  • Recording from the Hypothesis Pilot Launch (starts at 2 minutes in)

Issue 6: March, 2021:

In this issue:

  • Making Course PowerPoints accessible.

  • Weighted Grading

  • Faculty Focus: Accessibility Services

Issue 5: January, 2021:

In this issue:

  • Engaging with students using the Voicethread LTI

  • Exploring Concourse and the benefits to Faculty (view meetup recording)

  • Getting ready for the Spring Semester

Issue 4: December, 2020:

In this issue:

  • Flipped Classroom Models for Online Teaching

  • Collaborative Course Design with Dr. Megan Meyer (view recording)

  • The New Blackboard Content Editor

  • CSWE Competencies: How, Why and More

Issue 3: November, 2020:

In this issue:

  • Rubrics with Dr. Mirian Ofonedu (view recording)

  • Course Evaluations Past and Present

  • Insights into our Knowledgebase

Issue 2: October, 2020:

In this issue:

  • Becoming a Zoom Pro

  • Trello for Student Collaboration Projects with Steven Rivelis (view recording)

Issue 1: September, 2020:

In this issue:

  • Using Announcements as a teaching tool

  • Getting comfortable with the Grade Center