Engageli is a different approach to online group meetings (such as Zoom) with a focus on academic classrooms. Your instructor will be using Engageli to communicate with you Synchronously (live) during the semester.

Getting Started with Engageli

2. A new tab will open and the Engageli Classroom will appear. You are first placed in the Lobby where you can select your Camera, Microphone and Speaker from the drop-down menus.

3. When you are all set, click Enter Classroom to enter the Engageli class.

How to Change your Name or add Pronouns

Classroom Tour

If you are unfamiliar with Engageli or need a refresher from the OMSW Orientation, the following Classroom Tour video will be helpful.

Engageli Features

Below are some of the key features of Engageli

Built For Academia

Student and Table Based

Using Engageli as a Group Collaborative Space

Engageli has a feature that allows groups to meet together, without an instructor present. This group collaborative option utilizes the Playback room of the Engageli classroom. The steps can potentially be confusing so we have compiled them here for digestion:

Playback room main screen
Invite and Info button

Troubleshooting and Support

FAQs and Knowledge Base

Contacting Support