Learning Objective/Outcome Checklist

Learning objectives/outcomes are a central and key element for courses. A well structured and rigorous course begins with measurable learning outcomes that help students identify which skills, knowledge and attitudes they should gain by the end of a course. All of the courses assessments, activities and learning materials should be aligned with and directly related to the learning outcomes (course alignment)

The purpose of this information and checklist is to aid those who assess and/or build course syllabi to have criteria with which to assess the learning outcomes, alignment and/or other aspects of a syllabus, in order to make our course syllabi excellent. 

The first step is to read this brief page on developing learning outcomes and this page on learning objectives and rigor. This will orient you to the definition, terminology and taxonomy that help create and assess learning outcomes. 

Next, here is a checklist that you can use to assess the learning objectives/outcomes for any syllabus and help ensure they are measurable:

Write a 5 page paper on the social determinants of health.
Differentiate between social determinants of health as they relate to current federal policies.



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