Managing Course Content


An important part of running and managing a course is Course Content. Course content can consist of folders, weblinks, written text, video, audio, etc. In this page, you will learn how to manage and make available course content to students.

Why Organize Content?

While each instructors approach to teaching may vary, having a structure to content will help students navigate a course. You can use Folders to organize content on a week-by-week basis, or you can use Folders to break down steps you wish students to complete.  In addition, you can use Folders for different components you wish to teach: readings, videos, optional or extra credit activities. 

Example of a Folder showing steps for students

Creating Content

There are so many things that you can do with content including adding images, video, web links and files. All content can be created using the Build Content drop down. Using the items under New Page, you will see that you have the ability to create a new Content Folder, Module Page and Blank Page.

Creating a  Content Folder

You can create folders under your main course content area so that students can easily find all of the items they need for each class session. A folder could contain documents, Powerpoint slides, links to web sites or videos, pages with embedded videos, links to quizzes, assignments, journals, discussion forums or any other tool.

Hiding/Showing Folders or Items to Students (Permit Users to View)

You can make content unavailable to students or apply date and time restrictions to control when it appears. You can also apply rules to an item to control which students can access it and when.