Managing Those Pesky Gradebook Columns

Post date: Jan 8, 2019 4:09:33 PM

A lot of faculty, when looking at the gradebook, do not see the number of columns they would like to, and have a hard time seeing all of the assignments they would like. Here's a tip:

1. Go under Manage > Column Organization

2. Check the Username, Customer Number, and Availability items and click "Show/Hide" and select "Hide Selected Columns" to hide them. This will free up column space in your gradebook views. (We've done this for you in newer course templates.) You shouldn't really need "username" unless you have 2 or more students with the exact same first and last names. 

Check graded items toward the bottom to hide any you don't want to see, and use the four-way arrow icon to drag and drop them into the order you'd like to view them in. Items at the top will be nearest the left in your gradebook upon saving. 

While you are at it, might as well check the Grading Schema(s) to make sure the letter grades correspond correctly to the percentages identified in your syllabus.

Now your gradebook is looking better! If you need further assistance, email the IDEA Team!

Ah, and here's a mandatory embedded kind of related music video: