Blackboard: Duplicate Files


Every time you upload a file into a course (or do a course copy) it gets added to a file repository, similar to something you would find on a computer such as My Documents. In this case, all files are added to a section called, appropriately enough, Files. 

All of that is well enough, but unlike a traditional computer file system, Blackboard does not handle Duplicate Files well. In this Knowledge-base Article, you will learn how to avoid duplicate files and excess bloat in your Blackboard Course. 

Viewing Existing Files

Before you upload a file, head to the Files section in the left hand navigation of Blackboard and check to see if the file is there previously. If you or the IDEA Team have performed a course copy, your file is likely to be nested under a series of folders from previous semesters.  

  2.  A list of course files will appear.