Copy a Test/Exam in Blackboard


There are two ways to copy a test from one course to another: course copy or import/export. Our team have found that the course copy method has been the simplest method with less steps and complications, however both are listed here for reference.

 Copy Tests using Course Copy

5. Make sure the "Select Copy Type" is set to "Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course".

6. Select the Destination Course:  Click the Browse button to browse for the course to copy to.

7. From the pop-up window, select the course you want to copy to by clicking the circle next to the course code.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click SUBMIT.

8. You will now see the destination course code  in the destination field.  

9. Scroll Down:  From the list of "Copy Options"  -- select all three of the following: Exams and Quizzes, Grade Center Column and Settings as well as Tests, Surveys, Pools.  

10. In the "File Attachments" area click Copy links and copies of the content (Include all Course Files).

11. Click Submit.

Note: You may need to clean up and hide/delete other duplicated items in those folders and visit the Manage > Column Organization page in your Grade Center to hide/delete columns you do not need in your Grade Center, as well as visit the Tools > Tests, surveys, pools tool to clean up/delete any extra unneeded items that may have been copied in this process, since it will copy the entirety of those items, not just the singular test items. 

Copy Tests using Export/Import

Exporting the Test

Navigate to the course that contains the test.

Save the file to the desktop of your computer or the Downloads folder where you can easily find it. This should be a ZIP file, and you should not double click it or expand the ZIP file - keep it as 1 single compressed ZIP  archive file. If your computer automatically expands the ZIP file to show you the folders, ignore those, as what you need is only the 1 compressed ZIP file. (If you want to share with colleagues, send them the file and here is how you or they can import to another course:)

Next, to import the test into the course of your choice:

 Importing the Test

Navigate to the Blackboard course you will add the test to.

Deploying a Test

That gets the test into your course. You must still Deploy the test using the Assessments dropdown menu in a content folder/area.