Retention Center


In this guide, you will be instructed on how to access the Retention Center in Blackboard, use the tool to manage student performance and add alerts and notifications so that you can keep up with students who may be struggling.

What and where is the Retention Center?

The Retention Center is a Blackboard Tool designed to help you identify students that may be at-risk in your course and require special attention. It can be accessed within Blackboard by going to the left hand navigation pane and choosing Retention Center under the Evaluation section under Control Panel.

How to Use it

Once you click on the Retention Center, a list of students who may be falling behind will appear here. In addition, a red dot indicates which alerts apply to each student.

  1. When you click a student, you will see a more in-depth understanding of what’s going on.

  2. Click the Monitor button to be alerted if anything gets to a point that is not up to par.

  3. Click the Notify button to send a notification out to a student.

  4. Click the Customize button to edit retention center rules. This allows you to set certain benchmarks that would be useful for you. For example, if someone has a grade average that is 25% lower than the class average or maybe they haven’t accessed the course in a week.