Course Links

Course Links are a quick and easy way to link to items within your course. The main use case for this is to have an item, such as an Assignment or Exam, that is ALSO linked within another folder in your course, for example, in a Weekly Course Content or Course Materials folder. So, for example, you could have "Assignment 1" as an assignment item that exists in the Assignments folder, but ALSO have Course Links that live in the Week 3 or Week 4 folder that point to that Assignment 1 item. The Course Link items simply point and link to the original item.

Here's how to create Course Links:

  1. Choose under the Build Content menu to add a Course Link

  2. Click the Browse icon next to Choose Item at the top and a window will pop up with all the various contents of your course. Navigate by compressing/uncompressing folders (+/- icons) until you find the location of the item you want to link to. For example, locate the Assignments folder and then a particular assignment within that folder. Click on the item you want to link to, and the Location and Name fields will auto-populate with the name of the item.

  3. Click Submit to save it!