Assignment: Manual Submit for Student


These are directions to enter a grade and/or comments for a student test or assignment in the Grade Center or override an existing grade.


If your student emailed you a document or was not able to upload it to a Blackboard assignment dropbox for some reason, you must either clear their attempts or add more attempts in the assignment submission details - and the student must upload their document if you need to grade with a rubric.

    1. In the Grade Center, locate the cell with the student's graded test or assignment grade to override and access its menu.
    2. Select View Grade Details.
    3. On the Grade Details page, select the Manual Override tab and type a new grade in the Override Grade box.
    4. Optionally, type Feedback to User and Grading Notes for yourself. Use the options in the editor to format the text and upload files, images, and multimedia.
    5. Select Save.